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People from outside politics to renew Britain’s hope


Our vision is to form a new party to provide alternative leadership for our country and renew Britain’s hope. We will use the best ideas from left and right and from outside politics, grounded in evidence.

Our mission is to crowd source 650 parliamentary candidates who are inspiring people from all walks of life and outside of politics. We will crowd source supporters to fight in every constituency and provide the country with an outstanding alternative to lead the country.

This has just happened with En Marche! in France.

We believe every person has a responsibility to each other, whoever we are and wherever we are from, to achieve opportunity for all.

Our Supporters

Amélie, En Marche! MP

Yuki, Junior Doctor

James, Stop Brexit parliamentary candidate

Oliver, Small Business Owner

Nicky, Teacher

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Everyone says an En Marche! could not succeed in the UK. But nobody can answer what would happen if inspiring people from outside of politics, from all backgrounds stood for parliament for a new party, open to markets, Europe and the world. What would happen if 650 inspiring people provided a credible alternative by standing for parliament in every seat in the country? With your help we can find out.

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