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Renew is a new political party and movement aimed at transforming British politics and leading us to optimism and opportunity instead of decline and division.

People from outside politics to renew Britain’s hope

We’re shaping a new vision for the nation built on the voice of the people.
We’re speaking out against the decision to leave the EU, which will harm us all.
We’re looking at ways to better ensure benefits and opportunity for all so we can embrace challenges together.
We’re gathering views from across the country; everyone deserves a say in our future.
Help us change the face of UK politics and become the most inspiring choice at the ballot box.

Listen to Britain

Your views, your voice. What’s working, what’s not working in the UK? What gives you hope and what are your priorities for change? Our national listening tour continues – come meet us. Sharing ideas, listening to each other, is the only way we’ll ever get the UK back on track.

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"What has been largely ignored are the 12.9 million who did not vote. Had the democratic process been that of Australia where voting is compulsory, the polls indicate the result would have been to Remain from day zero, & would still be Remain" #StopBrexit

Air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate. "In England & Wales 1,320 people died of asthma last year, a sharp rise of more than 25% over a decade". This demonstrates successive governments have failed on this issue #greenenergy #renewbritain

Boris Johnson has claimed "it is not too late to save Brexit". No Boris it is not too late to stop Brexit. Please sign this petition to demand a People's Vote #peoplesvote #resistbrexit #brexit shambles

#EUsupergirl and @RenewParty back a #PeoplesVote
I gave an interview with Portuguese newspaper @dntwit telling #Portugal that #Brexit CAN and MUST be stopped... and #EUsupergirl backs @PeoplesVote_UK


Our NHS workers perform an admirable & essential role in the UK 24/7👩‍⚕️🚑 In the long-term: we must support the healthcare system & its dedicated workers through structural reforms. In the short term: could some of these 9 simple steps #SaveourNHS? 🏥

EU officials pick apart May's Brexit plan and make preparations for the UK exiting the EU without a deal.
No deal. No direction. Nobody wins.
#brexitshambles #resistbrexit

Congratulations to Renew member @AmyMillikenFBPE for this tremendous achievement. Her petition calling to rescind Article 50 due to Vote Leave breaking the law has now reached over 135k. Sign the petition here:

This is a great step in the right direction from the finance industry. Hopefully other sectors will follow suit and help protect the mental health of their staff #mentalhealthawareness #endthestigma

MPs were told that, had the amendment passed, the government would have triggered a “back me or sack me” motion of confidence in the government before the summer break, risking a general election should May lose #brexitshambles #renewbritain

Maternity leave is a fundamental right for women in the UK. A right that the Government has ignored in order to "win at all costs" #womensrights #equality #joswinson

'For decades the UK was a driving & liberalising force when it came to the Single Market, enlargement, competition & trade, & foreign policy.'

Read the story of the significant & widespread British sway over the EU. @lsebrexitvote @FaullJonathan

'For decades the UK was a driving & liberalising force when it came to the Single Market, enlargement, competition & trade, & foreign policy.'

Read the story of the significant & widespread British sway over the EU. @lsebrexitvote @FaullJonathan

Take note of this - Brexit supporters need reassurance it will actually happen. For #FBPE, this is what winning looks like. We’re winning the argument and if we keep fighting and campaigning, we will stop Brexit.

Preventing 40,000 people from homelessness for 1 year in England would save public purse £370million - Yet Gov't persists with hostile policy borne out of prejudice & ideology instead of evidence & compassion.

UK politics needs an overhaul. Time to #Renew

So my petition has become live today...sign and share
Petition: Rescind Art.50 if Vote Leave has broken Electoral Laws regarding 2016 referendum

Figures published by the #NHS show that 1,400 midwives and nurses from EU member states have left since the #Brexit vote. A future projection of the figures shows the NHS stands to lose a further 4,512 EU midwives and nurses. #renewbritain

So it's official.
Boris Johnson and Michael Gove's @vote_leave group cheated and have been fined.
The argument for a @peoplesvote_uk grows stronger by the day. #voteleavecheated #voteleavebrokethelaw

Vote Leave cheated. The country was cheated. The vote was illegitimate.

We urge @SadiqKhan & other pro remain politicians to follow in the footsteps of @JustineGreening & commit to supporting the People's Vote! #peoplesvote #brexitshambles #renewbritain

Conservative MP @Anna_Soubry attacked "ideologically driven" colleagues with "gold-plated pensions and inherited wealth" for ignoring the "reality" of Brexit.

You couldn’t make it up, but they did.

Well that lasted long... May's Chequers deal has been destroyed by her accepting concessions from Brexiter MPs #peoplesvote #renewbritain

Remember all that opposition to the Grieve amendment because it bound the hands of our negotiators? Apparently, it’s totally fine to tell them what they can and can’t agree to now. 🙄

University access watchdog says students' backgrounds should be taken into account when awarding places, to improve 'equality of opportunity'. Is this the best way to ensure people from low-income/ethnic minority families gain access to higher education?

Having read the detail, this deal is a fudge. It’s the worst of both worlds. Time to take the decision out of the hands of stalemated politicians and give it back to the people to decide. #Chequersdeal

We demand a People’s Vote! Ex-May cabinet member @JustineGreening supports the public’s right to have their say on this Brexit nightmare. A courageous step that hopefully many MPs follow #peoplesvote #rejectbrexit #renewbritain

'A book by Conservative hyperglobalists reveals a strategy of taxes & services cuts & an easy-hire, easy-fire culture.'

These politicians do not care about you or your rights. UK is in dire need of renewal, not #Brexit.

#RethinkBrexit #RenewBritain

BREAKING NEWS: @JustineGreening backs a #peoplesvote on the final Brexit deal, adding that the government's proposal will satisfy nobody.

A hugely courageous decision, send your thanks and spread the word.

School spending on pupils falls by 8%, with many schools unable to pay for basic & essential repairs. If only UK Government would focus on the issues at home before wasting 🕒 & 💷 on #Brexit. #Priorities #RenewEducation #SaveOurSchools

Big congratulations to our European #WorldCup finalists - Croatia & France!

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We need brilliant people from all ethnic, religious and social backgrounds to stand for parliament and support us in every part of the country. We have a positive vision to make Britain better and more equal than it has ever been before. We want this country to be open to Europe and the World, a place where anyone can become rich but nobody lives in poverty.