The Challenge | Renew Britain

The Challenge

Key Challenges

A lacklustre economy, revitalised by key reforms and support to British entrepreneurialism
Despite strong employment levels, our economy has not been improving living standards across the country. This is due mainly to poor productivity and long-term economic uncertainty. Renew will look at ways to drive UK innovation and entrepreneurship through investing in the facilities to support business, as well as introducing key reforms.

Excessive inequalities, addressed through bold solutions based on traditional UK values of justice, fairness and common sense
Inequalities and differences between regions, salary levels, and generations are stark. While globalisation and free trade have boosted our economy and created opportunities for many, the costs and benefits have not been evenly distributed. Many have debts or feel robbed of opportunity. Productivity gains through technological advances have disproportionately rewarded the wealthiest in society. We must rebalance our economy through radical structural reforms, innovative investment and targeted support for the poorest in our society. Everyone has a contribution to make; we will work with our communities to improve the lives of all.

A damaged environment, balanced by a growing awareness we must do something about it
Man-made climate change, air pollution, falling biodiversity and bacterial resistance present significant threats to our health and the environment. We must find urgent solutions with our partners using the latest research and technology, mobilising business and activating the public to change their habits – thus relieving pressure on the environment for future generations.

Public services under pressure, staffed by committed, hardworking people with strong values
The decisions of past governments combined with economic underperformance and social inequalities are straining our public services. When they fail, it is the poorest and most vulnerable who suffer the most. Public services require more investment, reform and reduced bureaucracy, to ensure we have well-supported staff and properly funded, fit-for-purpose services on which we can all rely.

A declining role in the world, restored by re-engagement of the UK as a cooperative, responsible, principled leader
Britain has enjoyed substantial soft power and global influence in recent years due to active diplomacy, culture, education and targeted aid, supported by distinctive branding and communications. Britain risks becoming less influential because of Brexit and geopolitical changes. This will affect our ability to project smart power, threatening UK interests around the world and representing lost opportunities. We must re-engage so that the UK is restored as a respected, responsible nation contributing to the common good.

Get Involved

We need brilliant people from all ethnic, religious and social backgrounds to stand for parliament and support us in every part of the country. We have a positive vision to make Britain better and more equal than it has ever been before. We want this country to be open to Europe and the World, a place where anyone can become rich but nobody lives in poverty.