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Revolutionise Opportunity

New approach to education and training

  • Globalisation and the development of new technologies create phenomenal opportunities, but also put extra strains on the workforce. In the 21st century, the ability to adapt is critical to our success. We must build an empowered workforce with the skills, resilience and flexibility to enable them to do just that.
  • We want to give people more opportunities to grow and flourish throughout their lives
    – providing more creative options for young people leaving school
    – relieving some of the burden of tuition fees
    – supporting lifelong learning and skills training for adults.
  • We want to incentivise employers and universities to create degrees combining academic training with the opportunity to work and earn
  • We will consider tuition fee discounts to encourage studies in acutely needed skills.
  • We will propose a broader curriculum to encompass civic education and the role of international organisations, as well as the impact of technology and media literacy. This will plug vital knowledge gaps about the way the world works and better equip our young people to cope with the information age.
  • In the future, this higher skilled, modern, flexible workforce, will be better able to respond to inevitable changes coming our way.
  • Above all, we need happy and motivated people able to fulfil their potential so instead of feeling short-changed, people see real progress in their lives, for themselves and their families.
  • We have the most open minded, international, creative and best educated young generation ever. They are full of energy, ideas, passion and ambition. They care about the world and want to change it for the better. They see the problems we face and want to solve them. We believe we have the opportunity to heal the divisions in our society and solve the great problems we face. By harnessing our tremendous capacity for innovation and by being honest but not confrontational about our problems, we can fulfil the diverse potential we have in the UK.