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Renew the Economy

Making the UK the best place in the world to invest and start a business and the destination of choice for overseas talent in the worlds of culture, academia, science, engineering, design, technology and finance.

Ensuring business is partnered with government to ensure the best possible allocation of capital.

Investing in infrastructure outside the capital to build a more integrated regional economy;

Investing in science and research so we better support British centres of excellence in generating the ideas that underpin industry, and ensuring synergy with the best minds in Europe and the world

Investing in green energy and low carbon industry as fundamental to the protection of our resources, environment and health as well as our prosperity. Clean, renewable energy, supported by new technologies, will be a key growth industry and a bulwark against climate change. We will encourage innovation in packaging with a review of the use of plastics and introduce more incentives to reduce food waste and the drain of prized resources.

Investing in technology: Today’s fourth industrial revolution is fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds. We mean to be part of this revolution as the world’s innovation superpower. We will invest in infrastructure and research labs in essential technologies, such as batteries, biotechnology and artificial intelligence.

Establishing a UK Investment Bank to take equity stakes in UK businesses and incentivise investment, with a focus on green technologies and investment outside London

Creating a meaningful minimum wage, rigorously enforced. We believe business should have access to talent from around the world but relying primarily on low-cost labour from abroad is damaging and unsustainable. Our workers need protection from unscrupulous employers as well as the opportunity to upgrade their skills over their lifetime.

Increasing housebuilding to ensure housing is affordable will be key, using evolving technologies to provide environmentally friendly solutions.