Our story

Renew is a movement for the people, by the people. 

Renew was founded by Chris Coghlan and James Torrance, who both stood as independent candidates in the last general election promoting a new centrist movement.

They have rallied support from ordinary but inspiring people from all walks of life, with 100s of candidates and supporters joining the movement from all over Britain.

This movement is about you. You might work in business or the public service, from any religion or ethnic minority, you might live at the top of a city tower block or a farm in the country, you might have a traditional education or relevant life experience or you could be just starting your career or beginning retirement. 

We want citizens at the heart of political life, and we will only succeed with the commitment of each one of us.

We are here not to convince but to listen, understanding the expectations and hopes of the British people.

By joining us, you will actively participate in the life of this movement, working to renew the political landscape of tomorrow.

Together we will head out all over the country to listen to what you think we can do to renew Britain. 

Lets Renew !

Chris Coghlan is the chief operating officer of an African financial technology company and a former counter terrorism officer for the Foreign Office against ISIS. He is a serving reservist soldier. He founded the charity Grow Movement which has improved the lives of 50,000 people in Africa. Chris holds a Masters in Finance from London Business School and from Harvard University in Public Administration. 

In just three weeks of campaigning in the last general election, Chris achieved a vote count higher than the Liberal Democrats in a third of London.

James Torrance is an accountant and London Business School MBA. He has worked in India, China and Northern Ireland and was a world champion in 2014 in competitive debating. He was the Kensington stop Brexit independent candidate in the last general election and his vote count was enough to ensure the Kensington Brexiter Conservative MP Victoria Borwick lost.

James Clarke is a start-up strategy consultant who has worked as an educator, journalist, event manager and insurance underwriter in Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam, the US and London. He holds an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and stood an an independent candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark at the 2017 General Election.

Sandra Khadhouri is a strategic communications adviser, with experience working in countries in development or affected by conflict. She has worked on behalf of the UK government and international organisations such as EU, OSCE, UN, NATO, ICC and AU.  She was previously a journalist working for CNN, Euronews and Sky, and co-produced 5 documentaries. She has a Masters in International Law from Kings College.

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