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Listen to Britain

Universities, college and schools tour

Our Nationwide Listening Tour

At Renew, we think a major cause of the failures in UK politics is that politicians are out of touch with the very people they are there to represent. For too long, politicians have focused only on spinning messages to win votes, rather than truly listening and understanding what people want to improve their lives. This complacency has led us to the difficult place we are in today with unaddressed grievance and unanswered aspirations.
We’re determined to listen to all types of people from across the country. To start with, we’re conducting a nationwide listening tour and survey to take the pulse of opinion and solicit views on how to improve our communities.

We want to hear from every part of the UK including those ignored by Westminster politics and traditional parties – for example, youth, public sector workers, small businesses, low-wage employees and those in neglected towns outside London.

Our Listening Tour

This will include dialogue, debate, and discussion, both face to face and online, with individuals and in groups. It will include a survey – distributed door-to-door and online – town hall meetings, open debates, university discussions, kiosks in town squares, and varied engagement with businesses and grassroots and community groups.
Our candidates and supporters will engage with ordinary people in their constituencies on what matters to them: what’s working in UK, what’s not working, what gives us hope, and priorities for change. This will stimulate debate on big and small ideas for the future, as well as difficult questions of identity, independence and Britain’s place in the world.

Responses and proposed solutions will be collated and used to inform a constructive public discussion and debate about how to renew our broken politics and address social inequalities. These views will also feed policy development over the year as we convene expert committees and policy panels.

Engaging with our candidates & supporters

Only by listening to each other, will we be able to fix our divided society and get Britain back on track.

Take our survey and let’s start the discussion!