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Renew Ideas

The team at Renew will shortly be heading out all over the country to listen to what you think we can do to Renew Britain. We want to hear about the issues and policies most important to you, so please email us with your ideas.

We believe that if every British citizen lives up to our responsibility to each other, then we have never had a greater hope of achieving a life of opportunity for all. But right now, it seems that future is not possible. Living standards have been falling since 2008. Both Labour and the Conservatives have responded with scapegoating populism.

The return of identity politics has pushed us to extremes. We saw in 2008 what happens when capitalism is left unrestrained. The 1970’s showed socialism is also catastrophic. Both the state and private sector have important roles to play. Technology has changed how markets operate, rendering the old political distinctions between right and left irrelevant for the twenty first century.

It is vital to form a new party to offer alternative leadership to our country. This party would be open to the world, markets, and Europe. These are some of our ideas about how to get there.

These are some of our core ideas at a glance, let us know what you think at

What are we looking for?

Everyone says an En Marche! could not succeed in the UK. But nobody can answer what would happen if inspiring people from outside of politics, from all backgrounds stood for parliament for a new party, open to markets, Europe and the world. What would happen if 650 inspiring people provided a credible alternative by standing for parliament in every seat in the country? With your help we can find out.