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Our Vision

Our Vision

Revolutionising Opportunity

The Renew Opportunity Programme
We believe that any person with the right determination, the right coaching and chance can achieve anything. If you have a dream. We will give you the chance to live it. If you are a single mother with no qualifications and haven’t worked for a decade, but want to become an engineer then you can. In our through life education programme you’ll be able to enrol in a course using online technology and classroom time that will train you from first principles up to degree entry level. You can take as long as you like to complete the course and if you pass, you’ll have the skills to apply for an engineering degree course. We’ll remove barriers to returning to education with financial help and childcare and we’ll work with employers to get you that first job.

Aggressive house building
We will end the housing crisis by creating two million homes by building on brownfield sites and using compulsory purchase of empty homes and land at market prices. Successive politicians have promised to build more homes but have consistently failed to act. That failure has meant low to middle income families and young people now spend over a quarter of their income on housing costs. Politicians won’t act so we will.

The highest possible minimum wage and a universal basic income
If you are low paid will raise your wage to the highest possible level before it starts to reduce jobs. We will use ongoing experimentation to determine the right level for the minimum wage. This will encourage employers to invest in the productivity of their staff, stop them undercutting wages with lower paid workers from overseas, and provide opportunity for the lowest paid people in our country. As automation starts to increase overall wealth and reduce lower skilled jobs, we will use that wealth to fund and gradually phase in a universal basic income so that every person has financial security to follow their dreams.

An intelligent NHS at home
We acknowledge the huge difficulties facing the NHS, we will use experts to identify the problems and research the appropriate solutions. We will use technology to restore service and relieve pressure on A&E units. We will create a university sized NHS tech lab which will harness the power of our National Heath Service to use big data and technology to create cutting edge new treatments and discoveries in the health sciences.

Building an Innovation Superpower

Three hundred years ago Britain industrialised and revolutionised the world. Today’s fourth industrial revolution is fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds to cure disease, rescue our environment and repair our economy.

We mean to lead that revolution and be the world’s innovation superpower again. We will invest in infrastructure and research labs in vital technologies, such as batteries, biotechnology and artificial intelligence to create the wealth to revolutionise opportunity, fund high quality public services and be the first country to create an economy that saves the planet. We’ll make sure this infrastructure is built outside London, harnessing the power of our Northern universities and drawing in investment for new technology production and hi-tech manufacturing.

We want to review student finance, prioritising science and technology subjects for government grants. We want to make sure we’re training and retaining the best minds to renew our industries and create high quality jobs.

The Renew Generation which ends the destruction of our environment

Save the planet with a green revolution
Today our children are threatened by air pollution which kills 40,000 people a year in the UK and climate change. Yet, for the first time, it is possible to decarbonise our economy through innovation and market forces. Offshore wind power prices are collapsing and are now cheaper than nuclear energy.

Our country will be the first to convert to mass renewable electrification, create thousands of jobs in new industries, clean our air, lead others to follow our example and save our planet.

Stop Brexit – Fighting for a second referendum

We believe that renewing Britain as the innovation superpower, revolutionising opportunity and making our generation great is a compelling mission for our country. However, in 2017 our country is divided by the EU referendum because many people feel they were lied to. Young people overwhelmingly voted to remain and no one was given a clear idea of what post-Brexit Britain would look like. Moreover, Theresa May’s mandate for her vision of Brexit was shattered by her weak election result.

We want to stop Brexit and believe a second referendum on the final deal negotiated with the EU is overwhelmingly in the interests of both Leave and Remain supporters. The British people must be allowed a vote on the reality of Brexit and come to an informed decision. We will put pressure on all politicians to offer a second referendum by standing parliamentary candidates in every constituency in the UK.

If the country votes again for Brexit, on the facts, then Renew will respect the will of the people and continue to build the strongest links possible with our European neighbours from outside the EU.

We’d love to hear from you

If you share our ideals and want to get involved, please consider applying to be a candidate.