Oxford, United Kingdom: The most credible new political party to enter UK politics, Renew, is visiting Oxford on February 14th to engage with students, local candidates, activists and anti-Brexit groups on their concerns for their future and the new party’s vision.
Led by Renew’s Head of Outreach James Clarke and Head of Policy James Torrance, the visit is the first wave of the party’s ‘Listen To Britain’ tour, which includes university debates and campaign events in Durham, Glasgow, Nottingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Exeter, Colchester and Birmingham.
Renew has over 300 potential candidates spread throughout the UK, including 4 in the Oxfordshire area. The party intends to stand in any Oxfordshire by-election and is recruiting candidates in all 650 constituencies for the next general election. Since its candidate training event in early February, Renew has attracted hundreds of new candidates and supporters and featured in the national and international press.

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The national campaign will engage people on Renew’s agenda – revitalising British towns and cities, creating more educational and job opportunities, boosting strained public services and infrastructure and supporting business, technological innovation and cutting-edge environmental policies. Renew believes the EU referendum was a wake up call that we are a nation divided with mass discontent at inequality & regional, social and generational differences.

Background: Renew is a registered political party set up by a group of independent candidates who stood in the June election 2017 on a campaign to Rethink Brexit, Renew Britain. Building on mass disaffection with existing political parties, Renew has enjoyed overwhelming support for its centrist agenda to address inequality and create a new vision for modern Britain – from a position of strength as a full EU member. So far, the party has recruited some 300 candidates from outside politics – including health workers, teachers, economists, public sector workers, working mothers, students, retirees – all committed to representing their communities & setting the UK on a different course. Renew aims to recruit and train 650 credible candidates for any future election and will campaign to Remain in the EU in any vote on the final deal.

For media interviews and further information, please see and contact Renew party press office at, or phone 0203 239 1692 or 07968 862195.